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Choosing Your Best CPU or a Gaming Computer
Choosing the right CPU for your gaming needs can be a hard choice. The CPU market is very confusing with so many different models to select from. There are so many different features and speeds to pick from. The information below should help you understand the different CPUs and can help to assist in the selection of the best CPU for your your systems gaming needs.

Selecting the most expensive and latest processor out on the market is not always the right choice and may even be the wrong CPU for your system. Processors are designed to work with specific motherboards. The CPU you select can limit the type of motherboard you are able to use in your system. You need to have the right information and make an informed decision on your selection. The people at can help you in this major decision.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is one of the most important component decisions in building any Gaming computer system. The brain of your computer is the CPU it contains the logic circuitry that performs the instructions of the software you run. This small microprocessor will be directly responsible for the performance of your games and applications.

Intel and AMD: The Top CPU's in the Market
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and Intel are the two top dominating companies in the CPU market. A range of different processor models are made by both companies. Intel has the Core i7 and Core i5 and core i3 processor models,
AMD has the Athlon and Phenom series. Both processors are excellent and there is always a debate going as to which is the best!

The Best Gaming CPU
AMD and Intel both have excellent budget processors for the basic computer user and dont need all the power of the true gaming computer. Intels Celeron models are a range of budget processors that have been around for years. Todays Celerons have a dramatically different inner structure than the first Celerons that were on the market years ago. Intel offers another budget option in the Core2 Duo model. 
AMD offers the AMD Athlon 64x2 processor which are considered very low price in todays market.

Gaming computers will require a more powerful CPU. For the latest 3D games to acheive the highest performance you will need to purchase a capable CPU. At present I would recommend AMD. The AMD Phenom X4 models are high quality processors. Intel's most popular processors are the Intel Core i5 and Intel core i7.

The decision between AMD and Intel is always a debate among true gamers and ther gaming computers, and will probably be the hardest decision for you to make. At the moment Intels Core i5 and core i7 seem to be in the lead. However, AMD was in the lead last time with its AMD Phenom x4. The battle goes back and forth as far back as I care to remember. No-one knows which will be the best rated next week. has always preferred the AMD processors due to the lower costs and heightened point to point operations per second. However, the final decision will be yours to make it's your gaming comouter.

Understanding CPUs and Speeds
A CPUs clock speed is measured in either megahertz or gigahertz speeds. Comparing the speed and performance between the AMD and Intel processers is not easy. An Intel processor running at 3 GHz (gigahertz) is not the same as the AMD Athlon running at 3 GHz. This seems strange, but it is because the AMD processers can run at a slower speed and match the performance of a faster clocked Intel processer. AMD has always excelled in point to point operations used in gaming allowing slower processors to perform the same tasks in less processor cycles.

This has resulted in AMD's new numbering scheme. AMD now indicates their processor speeds with comparable Intel speeds instead of the real MHz (megahertz) value. This is to help in comparing AMD and Intel processers. For example, the AMD Athlon XP 2100+ runs at 1.73 GHz, and it comparatively matches the performance of a 2.1 GHz Pentium 4. However, this numbering method has its own problems. A 2.1 ghz P4 using HT (Hyper Threading) would actually out perform the same AMD processor.

The Cooling for Your CPU
CPUs today produce so much heat that a cooling system is require in order for them to run. Fans and heatsinks are commonly used on the top of the CPUs to help keep them cool. There are much better after market CPU coolers available. These aftermarket coolers should be considered as a replacement for the stock coolers that come with your CPU. For those that overclock their CPUs, purchasing a better cooler will extend the life of your computer and allow you to achieve higher peak frequencies.

The CPUs in the Future
Both AMD and Intel are working hard to produce and release the most powerful chips. Competition is tight between these two companies. Currently the high end CPUs are quadcore CPUs. Both AMD and Intel have competing quad cores out on the market at this time. AMD has recently produced a 12 core CPU. However, this CPU is not likely to be affordable to the average consumer for some time. CPU technology is changing fast and who can tell what great offerings they will have in the near future for us. You never know where we will be two years from now!

In Conclusion
Choosing the CPU for you personal computer might be confusing, but you're not alone. We at can help you with this decision and make sure you get the best for your system. Hopefully this article will be of help to you in making this important choice. If not feel free to contact we will gladly help you with this confusing decision, and help find the lowest prices available. 

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